Villas Casa Loma is a private resort set amongst the foothills of Flamingo Beach in Northern Costa Rica on the Pacific Ocean. The property consists of five luxury villas, beautifully designed using exuisite masonry and local timbers. The villas are equipped with their own kitchen facilities and bathroom facilities, and some having their own private swimming pool.

Villas Casa Loma hired Graymatter to first develop a new brand identity that reflected the laid back atmosphere of the villas. The new logo features bright, vibrant colours and a casual, hand-scripted font. Once the logo was finalized, Graymatter designed and developed a new website for the resort. The design puts a strong emphasis on photography with the homepage featuring three transitional image windows showcasing all that the resort has to offer. Deeper into the site you will find a photo gallery and a reservation system, a local weather report, a ‘things to do’ section and more.