The core competencies of Toronto based, Graymatter includes branding, print material and website design. This includes the following services:

Toronto Branding

Creating a successful brand identity starts with understanding the marketplace and the opportunities to fill a consumer need with a differentiated product or service. Establishing a brand image that is unique and proprietary and the consistent application of that image is the key to building brand equity. Graymatter has experience building brands for a wide variety of prominent businesses both nationally and internationally.

Toronto Logo Design

Logo design is a key part of establishing a brand identity as it is often the first consumer touchpoint in your marketing efforts. Graymatter applies its creative diversity to logo design to produce distinct and ownable logos for your business.

Toronto Brand Strategy

Establishing brand positioning at the outset of a project is an important step to branding or rebranding a business successfully. At Graymatter we dig beneath the surface and ask the difficult questions that can uncover opportunities to really connect with your core consumer and build your brand. We offer more than just creative services - we offer strategic consultation with fresh perspectives on ways to grow your business.

Toronto / Cuban Marketing Consulting

Because of our experiences on both the agency and client side, we can leverage our knowledge to help you market your business more effectively. I personally have spent 7 years of my career marketing in Cuba with Cerveceria Bucanero, so I bring a unique set of experiences to the table that not many people have. With the post-embargo era looming for the United States, I can offer my consulting services to help companies understand the Cuban market and position your brands for success.

Toronto Packaging Design

Good packaging design requires clear and concise communication, impactful visuals and a strong presence on shelf. Having started my career in the field of packaging design I bring a keen eye for developing successful package design. Whether you have an existing package that needs improvement or you are an entrepreneur with a new product that requires a retail presence, Graymatter can help you with your needs.

Toronto Brochure Design

Graymatter can develop branding programs that include such as elements as brochure design and marketing material design. We have experience with page layout and magazine design and can work with you create POS material that gets noticed.

Toronto Point of Sale Design

Create impact at the point of sale with your marketing material. Graymatter can work with you to establish the proper hierarchy of communication that will engage your consumer and lead to purchase. With only a fraction of second to get noticed it is important that your point of sale material is well designed and looks professional.

Toronto Website Design

The importance of a well-designed, intuitive website cannot be underestimated. It is the one medium where your target market is engaging in conversation with you. You need to make sure your web design has a professional appearance and is easy to navigate. At Graymatter, we work closely with you to plan out the most effective site architecture prior to starting any creative. We design unique, compelling websites that will elevate your brand image and expose your business to thousands of new potential customers.

Toronto Website Development

If your website cannot be found you are losing potential sales to your competition. All of our websites are developed to W3C standards to ensure maximum search engine resgistration. At Graymatter we implement sound SEO practices and work with you to determine the best combination of key search terms that will give your website the best opportunity of appearing on the top one or two pages. We can also advise on best practices for the maintenance of your site to improve and maintain good search engine rankings.

Toronto Web Hosting

Graymatter offers a range of comprehensive web hosting packages for your website. We can support your site with fast, reliable web hosting and offer exceptional one-on-one service which enables you to reach a live person at anytime. With our state-of-the-art Toronto web hosting environment at 151 Front Street, your data is always secure and accessible to you.